Xcom Long War Wiki Research Paper

The Research Lab houses the research team, headed by Dr. Vahlen.


  • Start New Research Project.
  • Change Research Project. If necessary, this can be done at any time. The progress achieved in the current project won't be lost.
  • Access Research Archives. Here you can see information about projects that have already been completed.
  • Review Research Credits. View the research credits gained from completed interrogations.
  • Visit the Gene Lab. This option becomes available after the construction of a Genetics Lab. A maximum of three soldiers can be sent to genetic modification. See Genetics Lab (Long War).

New in Long War

While research in Long War works similar to how it works in Vanilla, there are some notable changes:

  • New research projects have been added, expanding the research tree.
  • The time required to research a project has been increased.
  • Autopsies now require and consume more than one corpse. For example, Sectoid Autopsy requires and consumes 10 Sectoid Corpses.
  • Autopsies now require other research projects before they can be started. For example, Xenobiology is required to perform Sectoid Autopsy.
  • Interrogations now require the autopsy project for the same species. For example, Sectoid Autopsy is required to perform Sectoid Interrogation.
  • Most Psi Powers now require specific research projects before they can be learned. For example, Sectoid Interrogation is required to learn Mind Fray.
  • Aliens now have various perks. Autopsies are required to inspect aliens of the same species and see their perks. For example, once Sectoid Autopsy has been performed, players can target a Sectoid, and press F1 to inspect them.
  • UFOs that have been successfully assaulted can now be analyzed, providing your ships with a damage bonus against these UFOs.
  • All Council requests except Satellites now require specific research projects to be completed. For example, council members will not request Sectoid Corpses before Xenobiology has been researched.
  • South America's continent bonus no longer makes autopsies and interrogations instantaneous. It instead affects the cost to build and maintain power generators.

Research Speed

The duration listed for all research projects is the duration for 30 scientists with no Laboratories, adjacency bonus or research credits.

  • Having less than 30 scientists increases the duration of all research projects. For example, if you have 15 scientists, the actual duration is double that of the listed value.
  • Having more than 30 scientists decreases the duration of all research projects. For example, if you have 60 scientists, the actual duration is half that of the listed value.
  • Each Laboratories additively increases the effectiveness of your scientists by 20%.
  • Each adjacency links between Laboratories, the Genetics Lab and the Psionic Labs additively increases the effectiveness of your scientists by 10%.
  • Interrogations provide research credits, which lower the research time of all research projects and foundry projects that match the credit type by 25%.
  • Expertise (Brazil's starting bonus) increases research credit bonuses by 15% (multiplicatively) for a total of 36% research time reduction.
  • FORMULA:finalTime = baseTime * (30 / (scientists * labBonus)) * creditBonus * brazilExpertiseBonus, with creditBonus = 0.75, brazilExpertiseBonus = 0.85

Analysis Projects

Analysis projects allow players to study aliens and their UFOs. These studies are generally shorter than technology projects, and do not cost any resources, except the corpses required for the autopsy or the captive required for the interrogation. Note that the duration to analyze more powerful aliens increases much more than in Vanilla.

Items in the "Unlocks" columns that are listed in italic and gray require multiple research projects, or require both a research project and a Foundry project. They are only unlocked when all research projects are completed, or when both the research project and the foundry project have been completed.

  • Exception: Alien Operations only require a single interrogation in addition to Xenopsionics.

Alien Autopsies

Alien corpses that have been returned from successful missions can be autopsied for further analysis, once the required research projects have been completed. Note that autopsies require and consume multiple corpses, as listed below.

In addition to the listed unlocked items, autopsies also unlock the ability to inspect aliens on the battlefield and see their perks by targeting them and pressing F1, and often also unlock related Council requests.

Alien Interrogations

Alien captives that have been captured with an Arc Thrower and housed in the Alien Containment can be interrogated once the autopsy project for that species has been completed.

All interrogations unlock certain research credits, which increases the research speed of all future research projects and Foundry projects that match the credit type by 25%, and often also unlock related Council requests.

UFO Analysis

Once a UFO has crashed or landed and then is successfully assaulted, it can be analyzed as a research project. Once the research project has completed, ships gain 10% damage bonus against all UFOs of the same type. Also, once UFO Scanners Foundry project is completed, analyzed UFO's display damage during Air Combat.

All UFO Analysis have the Aerospace credit type. Once a Floater has been interrogated, the speed at which UFOs are analyzed increases by 25%.

Technology Projects

Technology projects allow players to study alien materials and develop new technology. These studies are generally longer than analysis projects, and usually cost a combination of Alien Alloys, Elerium, Weapon Fragments, Meld and captured devices.

Most technology projects have a credit type. Once the research credits of this type have been acquired through an interrogation, the research speed for these technology projects increases by 25%.


These research projects study the aliens in a more general approach than specific autopsies and interrogations, unlocking Psionic Powers, Genetic Modifications and Cybernetic Augmentations.

Most of these research projects are required for the various Autopsy projects, as well as Stealth Systems, Mind and Machine and Plasma Weapons. These research projects also advance the storyline.

Materials and Aerospace

These research projects study the Alien Alloys, Elerium, Weapon Fragments, Meld, UFO Flight Computers and UFO Power Sources that are obtained during missions, and unlock useful projects and items to require these materials, as well as Council requests for these materials.

Most of these research projects are required for the various Armor and Weapons projects, as well as Alien Biocybernetics.

Armor, MECs, and SHIVs

These research projects study the potential uses of Alien Alloys and Elerium, unlocking more advanced Body Armor, MEC Suits and SHIVs.

Laser and Gauss Weapons

These research projects study the potential uses of Alien Alloys, Elerium and Weapon Fragments, unlocking more advanced handheld and vehicle weapons.

Plasma Weapons

When aliens die, the weapons they wield self-destruct. When aliens are captured with an Arc Thrower, their weapons remain intact, allowing then to be studied and retrofitted for human use.

See also

Bugfixes - Fixed bug preventing tactical DEs from occurring. This will cause a meaningful increase in difficulty.

  • Fixed bug causing captured soldiers to not be controllable after hacking the cells in Jailreak missions.

  • Fixed an array bug that was causing not all tiles to be partitioned correctly when applying explosive environmental damage falloff.

  • Fixed bug in which buildable weapon upgrades were ignoring INSTANT_BUILD ini setting, making them take time to build

  • Fix vanilla setting causing AI to adjust their patrol paths in response to XCOM's movement without any direct knowledge of them. (Default behavior can be re-enabled via config)

  • Psi Operatives can now equip heavy weapons (with appropriate armor).

  • Fix for non-commanding officers on a mission getting officer abilities.

  • Disorient effects will now cancel overwatch on units that are already disoriented.

  • Soldiers that are in a permanent squad, but are temporarily assigned to another squad for one mission, will now be removed from their permanent squad if killed or captured. This could cause a CTD if a dead soldier was sent on a mission.

  • Corrected line-break in RapidTargeting detailed help text and other typos.

  • Disallowed Field Medic from list of possible Rebel skills

  • Increased delayed init for infiltration squad select by .25 secs to prevent some UI wonkiness

  • Fixed base-game issue that could cause POIs to become unselectable. POIs now have minimum Weight of 1 instead of 0.

  • Fix pod leaders flanking themselves on scamper. This was an unintended side-effect of fixing the AI lock-up if a pod activates out in the fog due to taking damage while xcom is concealed (e.g. by spawning on top of fire or being too close to a sectopod/big chryssy/etc that walks on something explodey). Fixed by restoring the original behavior except if no xcom can see the scampering unit.

  • Fixed bug in UITacticalHUD_AbilityColor that was causing bad objective ability colors

  • Added check for Kill Zone/Gunslinger being active to conditions for Command and Fall Back

  • Fixed bad schedule entry (AdvFireteambucket_lw) in G_V_D10_5

  • Removed possibility you can spawn two of the same ruler on black site mission

  • Fixed bug causing Full Kit to grant a partial extra ghost grenade

  • Bugfix for alert locations: adjust the location to ensure it's pathable so the pods can actually try to get there. Prevents locked pods on awkward maps like the network tower.

  • Fix bug with faceless that are acting as xcom soldiers on rendezvous were being removed from the haven on mission end. These faceless have not blown their cover and remain.

  • Fix bug with the post-rendezvous cleanup of faceless spies only removing the first one (this was masked by the above bug).

  • Added SMG Range profile to hunter pistol weapons via template mod.

  • Fixed incorrect offset for CoilCannon Reargrip B.

  • Officer ranknames/icons now only show once officerRank > 0. Pulling a trainee from the tube will no longer lock their rank at NCO.

  • Fix bug allowing RNF units to get yellow reaction shots.

  • Item-based template mod now removes environment falloff for CombatEngineer, not TandemWarheads

  • Fixed bad config for WARCRY_OTHER_BONUS that was preventing war cry from being applied to any unit that wasn't a Muton type.

  • Rebels can no longer accrue to an officer's leadership bonus pool.

  • Fixed bug in sorting by mission count for Leadership display for officers

  • Added more info to Leadership display (rank, class), and additional secondary sorting criteria.

  • Attempted fix to change end of month report to display delta doom since previous month (since limited to 12 pips).

  • Added new icon for AlienGrenade (based on EU/EW version). Swapped it in for soldier AlienGrenade item and MutonGrenade variants

  • Removed SoundCue audio from narrative moment for AutopsyMuton_M3 bink.

  • Added UpdateNavHelp override to officer pack promotion UI to disable Ability Info button when controller isn't active.

  • Added condition to officer pack to prevent display of "Officer already selected" warning unless UISquadSelect is active, and not in squad management.

  • Added Frostbomb as a valid support-type grenade for RapidDeployment

  • Adding grenade targeting to XComGame to provide smoke preview fixes.

  • SetMaxForceLevel=99 sted 20 on final entries in variousspawnweightsarrays in characterstats.ini

  • Faceless from 'Infiltrators ' Dark Event; Faceless pods (1x FacelessCivilian + 1xCivilian) replaced with a new _LW variant that uses 1x FacelessCivilian and 1x HostileCivilian. Avoids the regular civilian on these missions from having no detection squares. FacelessCivilian template has bIsHostileCivilian=true, giving them detection squares. FaclessCivilian now excluded from infiltration detection modifiers that aliens usually get. Avoids them being detectable on high-infil missions due to a lower detection radius than civilians (which do not have this modifier applied).

  • Fixed some bad FL15 boss definitions in mission schedules

  • Fixed sticky Dark Event Reveal button issue by destroying the button when selecting to reveal a hidden event.

  • Partial fix for extraneous Dark Events. Added validation code that runs once per day when the Activity Manager generates new activities

  • Added new socket overrides for AlienLgtStd_A* torsos to correct HeavyWeapon socket position on DLC2 hunter armor.

  • Made some fixes to XComGame.UITextContainer to fix vertical autoscrolling behavior

  • Made some fixes to XComGame.UITacticalHUD_ShotWings to fix vertical autoscrolling behavior.

  • StandardShot has a special ApplyWeaponDamage ability intended to be upgraded by stock weapon upgrades. Added a condition to prevent non-damaging events from triggering this. This will fix Area Suppression ending on misses and Evasive not working as well as it should.

  • Removed the persistent flag for Bombard and JavelinRocket abilities, as they don't need to persist when switching from tactical to strategy

  • Squads will now reliably halt on configured infiltration halt points, instead of just once per squad.

  • Fix for displayed negative/underflow time on expiring mission passed 100% infiltration.

  • Hacked doors on jailbreak after a restart level would not unlock all doors.

  • Adjusted the DLC2 HunterWeaponPOI alert so that it triggers 'HunterWeaponsViewed' when carry on is pressed.

  • Fixed a base-game issue where multi-unit movement could sometimes result in a unit temporarily teleporting to the 0,0,0 tile, which could result in concealment break / reaction fire trigger.

  • Corrected LEADERSHIP_COVERTNESS_PER_MISSION from 0.075 to 0.0075.

  • Dismiss button is now disabled in UIArmory_MainMenu if soldier is training.

  • Added event listener to squad manager to remove a unit from squad when unit is dismissed.

  • Fix for Resistance mecs and liaisons having their abilities refreshed in a new gamestate without having a new unit state created and added to that state. This could have unpredictable results.

  • Fix for rare bug causing units to be unable to move in tactical. They have a leftover "Immobilized" unit value assigned to them with a eCleanup_Never policy. This prevents them from taking any actions. I have no idea how the unit got into this state - the only thing that sets Immobilized with a Never policy is bind, and that is usually removed when the binding unit is killed/flashed. Somehow this unit got out of tactical with the flag still applied. To fix the unit I added a \LWSetUnitValue console command so the affected unit can be unstuck (and any other unit value assigned or changed, but only with a BeginTactical cleanup policy). Also change the bind ability to use the BeginTactical cleanup policy, like just about every other ability in the game.

  • Added AvengerDefense_LW to the INTERVENTION_INVALID_MISSIONS list.

  • Fix for Combatives animation not firing.

  • Skulljack and Skullmine should show correct icon colors now

  • Avatar progress modifier display in ResistanceManagement now rounds instead of truncates (so 0.98% => 1% instead of 0%). Also fixed potential issue with localized string.

  • Fixed bug in which Wraith Suit (Shadow Armor) was repeatable tech

  • Fixed bug in facility configuration that may have ignored some elerium core costs

  • Fixed loc error in "low on scientists" and "low on engineers" that said you can buy them with intel (english only)

  • Added calls to ResHQ.AddGlobalEffectString using DarkEvent GetPostMissionText when completing dark event missions.

  • Disable the pointless mission counter UI on supply convoy missions.

  • AWC Abilities button in Armory (and foreknowledge of trainable AWC abilities) does not appear until you build AWC

  • Fixed missing psigate schedule/diff level (4)

  • Alien Facility lead RP increment corrected from bad huge erroneous value

  • Fixed bug in Plot_TWN_Mixed_LgObj_10_LW and _11_LW maps that were allowing out-of-bounds objectives to spawn

  • Cleanup of multiple map plots and custom parcels. Shout out to McDenny's '09 for the labor.

  • Fix civilians rescued summary for Soldier VIPs.

  • Set max hacking loss from NCE to -4 so everybody has at least 1 hacking and can use their xPhone

  • Fixed description of Armor Piercing Rounds so it doesn't say all armor in INT, FRA, ESN, ITA.

  • Snapshot modifier no longer applies to pistol, only to the weapon in the slot assigned to the ability (primary weapon).

  • Shortened Polish translations of SquadSize and Covertness infiltration modifiers.

  • DLC missions will no longer have encounters changed by our postencounter code, so no more lone trooper in the towers mission

  • Added plating category localization text to Carapace Plating item.

  • Added replacement 512px image for Carapace Plating.

  • Fix for zero intel cost showing up on shadow / plot projects with no intel cost

  • Fixed Propaganda mission rewards (personnel no longer will be granted)

  • Added a check for minimal env damage for application of sapper, combat engineer and randomness, so flashbangs won't start nuking planters

  • Fixed iSoundRange ini values for some weapons

  • Fixed a bug causing Cutthroat not to grant crit bonuses

  • Fixed issue where squad icon would not disappear from geoscape when aborting an infiltration.

  • Fix bug with sparks causing the evac zone to disappear and reappear on recruit raid missions.

  • Fix bug with sparks not being able to rescue civilians on terror/defend/invasion missions.

  • Fix objective updating for optional rescue objective on defend missions.

  • Handle failure to complete the sweep objective on terror missions: rebels left behind on the map in this case do not survive, but rescued ones do. Similar fixes to invasion mission.

  • Swapped ViperM1 and ViperM2 weapon damages so progression is 5,6,7 not 6,5,7

  • Fix for Grazing Fire perk causing you to never miss

  • Vital Point Targeting will no longer provide damage bonuses to area of effect attacks or damage per turn effects, just to melee and direct firearm attacks.

  • Fixed Precision Shot not applying crit damage bonus

  • Fixed bug causing advanced rocketeers to be excluded from some pods

  • Set up separate Advent RNF encounters to prevent drone from arriving on ATT (as it was bugged visualization when it did)

  • Fixed stiletto rounds not working

  • Units in RNF pods dropping out of LoS are now marked with a special marker preventing them from taking reflex actions on the turn they spawn. This brings them in line with units that spawn in LoS and immediately activate, which also currently are not permitted reflex actions.

  • COMPATIBILITY - Added linux/mac formatted movies to project. Requires pending Feral patch to base-game XCOM 2 for them to work.

    QOL - Set 'bronzeman' style restart mission controls. Enabled on non-ironman campaigns; requires setting an ini flag in gamecore to enable on ironman campaigns.

  • AWC and officer training can now be initiated from the relevant Armory Promotion UI.

  • Set VeteranSoldierRank to 0 so all customization options are available from start

  • Weapons and armor should be sorting better in engineering

  • Regions in resistance management will now show bullets for each liberation stage completed

  • Attempted to get rid of swaying camera effect for berserker rage

  • Add the loot ability to rebel soldiers. Rebels on Rendezvous and IntelRaid will be able to pick up loot that drops, and it will be recovered at the end of the mission. Rebels in SupplyRaid would work too if anyone dropped loot. Unarmed rebels on terror missions or recruit raid cannot loot.

  • Strip gear buttons in UILoadout will not strip units in the current squad.

  • Add a mission expiry panel to the custom mission screen for non-infinite duration inflitration missions.

  • Removed camera shake from Coil Cannon during suppression.

  • Removed camera shake from Laser Cannon during suppression.

  • Added new config to Helpers_LW named LowStrengthTriggerCount. This allows using this value (if defined >= 1) instead of GetMaxSoldiersAllowedOnMission for triggering UIForceUnderstrength. ID 1577

  • Added standard sound fx for the command and oscar mike abilities.

  • Replaced the custom logic in Intervention's visualizer to play the sound with the new sound cue support - just set the name of the cue in the template's AbilityConfirmSound variable.

  • Gave ourselves some credits on Shell/ShellDifficulty

  • Made death animations faster

  • Evac time on missions where you throw a flare should now display on infiltration missions in UI mission popup.

  • Remaining time to infiltrate to 100% will now show for non-expiring missions.

  • Add LWRenameRebel console function.

  • When in UIPersonnel Squad Select, training message now takes precedence over unit being in another squad.

  • Added console command LWForceSquadPostiMissionCleanup to help if a squad gets 'stuck' infiltrating

  • Option "View Locked Perks" now allows display of officer perks. Also the detailed info for future perks is shown for both officer and class perks. Target patch 1.2

  • Mixed up visual and auditory Geoscape cues to better differentiate mission types, especially the mini-retaliations, which will have burning icon on the map now and a warning siren.

  • MODDING - Removed most non-UI class overrides.

    -- A new SoundCuePaths array is processed at initialization time, just like SoundEventPaths. All assets found here are loaded and cached, except they are expected to be SoundCues instead of AkEvents.

    -- The string given to PlaySoundEvent() is first looked up in the SoundAliases array. If such a key is found, the string for the sound to play is replaced with the value in the alias entry.

    -- The string is then looked up in the standard SoundEvents array mapping the string to an AkEvent. If it's found, it's played as normal.

    -- If the string isn't found in the SoundEvents array it's looked up in the SoundCues array. If found the corresponding SoundCue is played.

    KNOWN ISSUES - The mod does not work out of the box with Mac or Linux. Some players have reported workarounds to get it mostly working. Feral is working on a patch to XCOM2 to support total conversion mods and custom cutscenes.

    • Our custom cutscenes do not have localized audio for non-English players. They have correct subtitles. This is a modding engine limitation.

    • Our custom audio snippets in missions do not have localized audio or localized subtitles for non-English players.

    • The mod does not support controllers.

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