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Workplace Ethics 2Workplace Ethics Case 9.1: Unprofessional Conduct?Located on page 342 of your textbookDo you believe the Board of Education violated her right to privacy? Were they justified infiring her? Explain two to three (2-3) major reasons why or why not.Yes, I believe that the Board of Education did violate Pettit’s right to privacy. Then again,I understand why they would do a background check on the teacher because they are teaching future leaders to be ethical. However, I’m indifferent about the Board of Education decision to fire Pettit’s, because I understand that her lifestyle is questionable for most people and not the best ethical choice. But, she does have the freedom to do what she wants on her personal time. When working for the education system- I would think one should think about the manner in which they conduct themselves, and I do think Pettit used poor judgment. Was Pettit’s behavior unprofessional or immoral? Do you believe she was unfit to teach?Provide a rationale for your position.In my opinion, it was not immoral nor unprofessional because she has the freedom to make choices outside of her job (it’s her personal time). Giving that this case dated back to the

Workplace Ethics Case study 9.1 “Unprofessional Conduct?” is the case I chose for assignment 2. In this case study about Mrs. Pettit, a licensed teacher in California who for thirteen years worked with the mentally challenged children (Shaw, 2014). Mrs. Pettit’s career ended abruptly, because of her and husband’s personal sexual preferences. Mrs. Pettit was a teacher that was considered to be extraordinary at her job with a level of performance when working with kids as observed by her school principal.Mrs. Pettit and her husband agreed to discuss their views of their lifestyle on a local television station. Mrs. Pettit and her husband claim to engage in “nonconventional sexual lifestyles” which include “wife swapping” (Shaw, 2014). A fellow teacher recognizes and later discussed Mrs. Pettit’s views with the school staff, although their identities were concealed. A year later Mr. and Mrs. Pettit joined a private swingers club, during one of the parties an undercover police officer attending the private residence observed Mrs. Pettit give fellatio to three different men in a short period. Pettit was arrested and charged with oral copulation, which as the time contravened the California Penal Code (Shaw, 2014). Mrs. Pettit later plea bargain to a misdemeanor of outraging public decency and paid a fine, after pleading guilty. Mrs. Pettit’s teaching contract did get renewed with the school for

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