Rackham Dissertation Formatting

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Title Page

  • Paragraph centered on title page matches title page example
  • Names match names in Wolverine Access
  • No mention of “Program in” or “Department of” before program name
  • Year is the year degree is being conferred, not the year the dissertation was completed

Page Numbers

  • Front matter page numbers start with page ii
  • Front matter pages are all numbered with lower case Roman numerals (no page i)
  • No page numbers on Title Page, Frontispiece, or Copyright Page
  • Main body of dissertation starts on page 1

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents is not listed in the Table of Contents
  • All front matter sections (excluding Title Page, Frontispiece, Copyright Page, and Table of Contents) are listed in Table of Contents as well as the page number on which section begins
  • Chapter numbers, Chapter titles, and page numbers (on which Chapters begin) are listed in Table of Contents

Tables, Figures, Et cetera

  • When more than one Table, Figure, Appendix, etc. exists, separate lists are in Front Matter
  • Tables and Figures in Appendices are included in List of Tables, List of Figures, etc.
  • Tables, Figures, Appendices, etc. are uniquely and sequentially numbered in the lists
  • Lists include (Table, Figure, Appendix, etc.) number, legend/description, and page number


  • There are no blank nor missing pages
  • Format should be consistent
  • Footnotes (if included) and Bibliography/References section(s) are in the format preferred by discipline

Visit the U-M Library Research Guide, Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013 for Dissertations, for help with formatting. There are no approved Rackham templates, but the template available in this Guide is a good place to start. The guide is maintained by ScholarSpace (located on the second floor of the Hatcher Library), which offers walk-in hours and scheduled consultations, as well as email and phone assistance.

Do not use any other student’s dissertation or thesis as an example of how to format your dissertation. Your dissertation must follow these guidelines. To view a sample of a correctly formatted document, view the Dissertation Handbook.


Margins are a minimum of one inch on each side.


Text is in a professional looking embedded font, minimum size of 12 point. Smaller font size or type may be appropriate for tables, footnotes or other material outside of the main text. Black text is used although figures, tables, etc. may be in color.

Line Spacing

Line spacing is 1½ or double with the exception of tables, lists, quotations, footnotes/endnotes, figure/table legends/captions and bibliographic entries, which should be single-line spaced.

First Page of Each Section

The first page of each section (Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Lists, etc.), chapter and appendix should start on a new page and should have a two-inch top margi

Bibliography or Reference section(s) is at the end of each chapter or the very end of the dissertation, in the format preferred by the discipline.


If including more than one figure, table, illustration, appendix, etc., there are separate lists of each that include the figure/table number, caption/legend and page number on which it begins.

Tables, figures, illustrations, etc. are uniquely and consecutively numbered throughout.

Chapter Numbers, Chapter Titles, and Page Numbers

Chapter numbers, chapter titles, and page numbers (on which chapters begin) are listed in Table of Content The word “Chapter” must appear before each chapter number (or as a heading) in the Table of Contents and on the first page of the chapter.

Front Matter

Front matter page numbers are lowercase Roman numerals, starting with page ii (preferably centered at the bottom of the page). Dissertation text starts with page 1.

Front Matter Order

Front matter is in the following order (first numbered page must be page ii)

  1. Title page: Mandatory; no page number (see following page for format)
  2. Frontispiece: Optional; no page number
  3. Copyright page: Optional; no page number
  4. Dedication: Optional; must have page number (lowercase Roman numerals start here)
  5. Acknowledgements: Optional; must have page number
  6. Preface: Optional; must have page number
  7. Table of Contents: Mandatory; must have page number
  8. List of Tables, List of Figures, etc.: Mandatory when there are more than one; must have page number
  9. List of Appendices: Mandatory when there are more than one; must have page number
  10. List of Abbreviations, List of Acronyms, List of Symbols: Optional; must have page number
  11. Abstract: Mandatory; must have page number

Abstract for Online Submission

Separate abstract text of up to 550 words, with no special characters, is required for the online submission of the dissertation. This abstract should be given to the committee with the dissertation before the defense.

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