Dog Walker Cover Letter

Dear Mrs. Norton

I saw your ad on the college bulletin board and understand you are looking for a dog walker. I am a sophomore studying Animal Science. I have been walking dogs since grade school. The same way the paperboy got up every morning and delivered before school I was up walking anywhere between five and 10 neighbourhood dogs. I did the same every night after dinner. It would not be long before kids called me “K9 Gal.”

The last two summers I interned at the Community Animal Welfare and Rescue Centre on Collin Street. I was still a dog walker and often take several clients’ dogs in for general check-ups and grooming. During colder months I have taken my charges to the centre’s indoor exercise area. When walking your pet you can rest assured I will put her safety above all else while maintaining local laws about curbing and cleaning up. I will also walk your dog in Echo Park stopping at the dog park for a drink.

I will be glad to discuss this further and provide references many of whom you probably know personally. If you are interested in having me as your Dog Walker contact me at Sears Dorm room 41A.

Best Regards

Morgana D. Conrad

I am interested in applying for the daycare team position for the __ company. I have found this job opportunity advertised on Craigslist.

I am a true dog lover and I have always had a strong passion for animals, especially for dogs. I have a dog of 6 years which I truly loveand care about.

Taking care of her (the dog) has helped me acquire the basic knowledge of canine behavior and taught me the responsibility of taking care of a pet. I always love playing with dogs whenever I get the chance, especially when visiting friends who have dogs.

I do not mind getting dirty and I can be on my feet for few hours having worked at _______ and ______ as a sales associate. Such jobs have equipped me with the abilities to work in a high paced environment while assisting customers efficiently and courteously. I am also able to work as a team member or independently as well.

Thank you for your time and consideration. It would be a pleasure to be offered an interview to discuss my qualifications, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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