Gcse History Coursework Holocaust

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Why did the Holocaust happen?

[46 PowerPoint Slides and 20 page Work Booklet]

The Holocaust Interactive

GCSE History Content

The areas covered are:-

  • What is the Holocaust?
  • Judaism
  • The Longest Hatred: Anti-Semitism through the ages
  • Anti-Semitism in Weimar Germany
  • Did anti-Semitism help Hitler to power?
  • The Nazi Dictatorship
  • Persecution and discrimination of Jews 1933-1938
  • The Nuremberg Laws 1935 and Kristallnacht 1938
  • Jewish Ghettos
  • The Final Solution
  • Auschwitz and the Death Camps
  • Liberation and Holocaust survivors today

The Holocaust Interactive

Other materials

42 Word documents include:-

Anti-Semitism before Hitler

Could Hitler have been stopped?


Der Sturmer

End of unit evaluation and target-setting

Evian Conference

German Jews in the First World War

Holocaust Survivors Today

Homework tasks  1-2

How was the final solution organised

Jewish resistance

Mark Scheme, Sample Answer and Writing Frame

Nazi schools

Racial Discrimination

Stages in the extermination of Jews

The Gas Chambers Account

The Master Race Theory

Total Deaths from Nazi Genocide Policies

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Who Spoke Out During Kristallnacht

Why did Jews not leave?

Why we should never ignore prejudice

HTML files

Self-Marking Tests 1-4

The Holocaust Interactive

Excite and challenge pupils with this interactive Power Point Presentation.  It can be used as a personalised independent learning module which enables pupils to cover GCSE content on the Holocaust using the differentiated work booklet but can also be used as a revision resource or a teaching resource via a data projector or interactive whiteboard. It has been designed to give pupils the opportunity to learn and make progress in a different way.

The material is presented in an attractive and lively manner with text, images, audio, internet links, advanced materials to stretch and challenge, keywords and interactive maps in order to keep pupils challenged and engaged.

Each section has clear pupil-centred learning outcomes stating what they will learn and be able to do. They can monitor their understanding and progress through the embedded interim self-marking tests, homework tasks, end of module test and the extended writing task. There are sample answers and mark schemes.

The Holocaust Interactive

What is included?

46 PowerPoint Slides

20 page Work Booklet

42 supporting Word documents

4 Self-Marking Tests


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GCSE Exam success

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We didn't study the Holocaust as it wasn't part of our A2 Germany syllabus so I haven't studied the Holocaust since Year 9 but with regard to your structure;

Start with a statement of intent so if you agree with the statement word it around that, if you disagree base your intro about that.
I.e. "The Holocaust was part of a pre-determined Nazi plan which had been at the NSDAP's roots since Hitler ascended to become leader of the party in 1921. We can see evidence of this intent in Hitler's book, Mein Kampf..."

Then go on to briefly outline what and how you are going to argue for and against this (all of this in your first paragraph/ introduction).

Throughout the essay you must then go through each of your points in detail. Don't forget to mention dates, names, conference, support for, support against, who supported, who didn't, the international reaction, etc.

For maximum impact your conclusion should resemble your introduction. I.e. "The NSDAP had long-planned to exterminate those whom they saw as 'in-human'. The Wannsee Conference goes to show just how committed to the total extermination of the Jews that Nazis really were, their plan could not have been conceived during one conference thus reinforcing the view that the NSDAP had a pre-determined plan to irradiate the Jews."

Does that make sense?

Your teachers should be able to give you examples and explain how you should structure your essays. If they don't then just ask them and I'm sure that they will help you.

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