Argumentative Essay Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders

Committing sex crimes is one of the most wide-spread types of offense, and it is one of the scariest ones, as often it is targeted at children. In different countries there are various jurisdictions applicable for sex offenders and various definitions of sex crimes. They can be minor, such as receiving or sending obscene content in SMS messages, and can be such that involve a victim or several victims. And the latter kind of cases is the one, towards which the government prevention efforts are directed.

Despite the efforts and different programs, recidivism rate among sexual offenders reaches 5.3%. It is not a positive tendency, as it means that every 19th offender released from prison commits new sex crime within 3 years after release. While according to statistics, sex offenders are less likely to get arrested for any crime (43% against 68%), they are more likely to commit the same kind of crime – 5.3% versus 1.3%. An average age of sex offenders’ victims is less than 13, and for rape victims – around 22.

The above presented statistics may seem really scary, and rightly so. In order to change the situation, some urgent measures have to be taken and effective programs to decrease recidivism cases should be implemented. Today one of the effective ways of keeping sex offenders under some kind of control is regular updating of sex offender registry. In the US such databases are open to the public through special websites or other sources. The offenders are classified into levels and people can freely see whether there are such people in the surrounding territory. There are also restrictions as to the place of residence for the offenders – they usually cannot reside near schools, gyms and other places of children’s conglomeration. Still, as statistics shows, it is necessary to work on new ways of sex offenders’ control so as to be sure in the safety of our kids.


Managing high-risk sex offenders in the community

Managing high-risk sex offenders in the community is a topic that has been controversial for a long time. These sex offenders have been a major problem in the communities because of danger they pose to their immediate neighbors. This is clearly demonstrated by statistics, which show that each year, over 510,000 children in the united states of America are victims of sex offenders who are forced to deal with the trauma for all their lives. Sadly, offenders who have been through the correction facilities for at least once only to repeat the act again perpetuate many of such assaults. This therefore, presents a problem for the community. It would be irresponsibility for the system to ignore the criminal sect of sex offenders, for they are subject to a recurring urge that requires the use of effective measures that would curb this habitual repetition of deeds producing the harmful consequences to the public.

Sex offenders always cause uneasiness in the society once released. This is because the community views them as outcasts and has a lot of mistrust for them. As a result, this leaves them lonely and decreases their level of self-esteem. This prevents reintegration to the society and possibly a factor in increasing the chances of re-offending. The most effective measure that can be used to manage high-risk offender can be establishing a group of volunteers in the community that will regularly hold meetings with such offenders in the community. These meetings will assist the sex offenders settle into the community after release from prison. Such support will deter an offender from repeating such offences as he/she will feel accepted back into society. In addition, by ensuring effective communication and information sharing with such high risk offenders, the community will be able to change their behaviors as they integrate back to the society.

Additionally, another way of managing such offenders, steps beyond treatment have to be taken such as notification laws, special supervising techniques by parole officers, surgical and chemical castrations. These will reduce incidences of high risk offenders who tend to repeat such actions again and again.

The above two measures will help manage sex offenders especially those that have been in prison before. The procedure that has been effective is by proper counseling of individuals to reintegrate them back into society. This will help a big way to rehabilitate such individuals.

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