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Mediators are legal experts who try to determine opposing parties to solve their legal dispute without a judge. Responsibilities such as facilitating negotiation, providing direction, finding ways to reach a mutual solution, and updating their knowledge of current legislation are often seen on Mediator example resumes. Based on our collection of resume samples for Mediator, essential skills include excellent communication and interpersonal skills, negotiation, problem-solving abilities, conflict resolution, tact and diplomacy, and legal knowledge. Legal background is common among Mediators, but not compulsory; degrees in dispute resolution have started to be offered by colleges lately.

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Provide part-time legal services including business start-ups, equal employment opportunity support, mediation, landlord-tenant relations, land use, and mediation services to individuals.

  • Commenced activity in rezoning process with land owner, surveyor, and county planning officials to resolve structural encroachment on surveyed property.
  • Led negotiations for a roadway and utility easement on private property with multiple landowners.
  • Reviewed landlord and tenant contract to ensure both parties complied with Virginia's landlord/tenant laws.
  • Prepared and filed articles of incorporation for a nonprofit organization and drafted memorandum of understanding.
  • Researched and reviewed client's business affairs for a medical practice.
  • Drafted power of attorney documents, wills, and trusts and assisted with estate planning.

Mediator - Weekly Volunteer

Expertly promote the organization, programs and principles of mediation to various audiences. Proficiently maintain schedules, establish mediation sessions and attend court while reliably assisting with reviews and consultations. Capably oversee record-keeping processes ensuring documents readily on-hand and up-to-date.

  • Delivered quality mediation service-delivery to members of the community by remaining open-minded, neutral and unbiased to differences.
  • Enhanced brand awareness and established successful and effective programs and services within the community by adeptly promoting PR and outreach activities.
  • Consistently improved skill set by attending on-going training and seminars.


  • Coordinated expansion to new markets, increasing client base by over 200%.
  • Managed cash flow, supervision of personnel, general firm management and client relationships.
  • Ensured that the company grew at levels appropriate to the new influx of business.

Community Outreach Educator/ Mediator

Process consumer complaints via mail, Siebel, and in person for validity and checked for appropriate paperwork necessary for docketing.

  • Mediated complaints in a timely, concise and thorough manner.
  • Conducted community outreach to consumers and businesses through speaking engagements and tabling seminars on consumer protection laws and general licensing requirements for businesses.
  • Generated special inspection requests made through Siebel or mail and followed up with inspectors' results to be reported to consumers.
  • Supervised/trained summer youth and interns by issuing assignments and instruction on DCA's procedures/protocols.
  • Processed incoming complaints by mail for validity and checked for appropriate paperwork necessary for docketing.
  • Enter complaint and all inquiries with consumers and businesses in Alba computer system.


  • Completed the 40 Mediation Training
  • Mediated and observed a variety of different civil cases
  • Volunteered at the Houston Dispute Resolution Center and scheduled mediations

Volunteer Mediator and Conflict Management Coach

  • Observed and assisted in mediations with multiple clients.
  • Wrote a white paper for the mediation clinic web site to describe the advantages of conflict management coaching versus mediation.
  • Coached 7 individuals in a four-month period to effectively manage interpersonal conflict and career performance issues, expanding their awareness and increasing productivity.

Executive Paralegal/small Claims Mediator

In charge of all new client intakes, e-filing of cases in Municipal Court and Court of Common Pleas, collections, as well as all other clerical duties, including, but not limited to: daily maintenance of court schedule, satisfaction of cases, answering of phone calls, emails and any other forms of communication.

  • Assisted Municipal Court on a regular basis in order to draft Judgments by Agreements for our clients in landlord/tenant matters, negotiate with city solicitors for Code Enforcement cases and negotiate with attorneys for Small Claims matters.
  • Drafted memorandums of law, complaints and briefs for several civil cases in the Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court.
  • In charge of the small claims mediations department, acting as the negotiator/mediator for our defendant clients. Successfully settled over 100 cases through stipulation agreements or judgments by agreement.
  • Assisted office manager in conducting employment interviews for vacant positions within the firm as well as training and supervising of new employees.
  • Extensive and comprehensive knowledge of legal databases including, but not limited to: Lexis Nexis, Westlaw and Westlaw Next.

Attorney, Mediator, Guardian Ad Litem

  • Recruited clients, managed, filed, conducted discovery, handled pretrial motions, retained and utilized experts, and tried or settled over 1000 civil cases including: copyright infringement, trade secrets, hazardous waste cleanup, environmental permits and variances, administrative law, divorce, paternity, adoption, custody, post-decree​ litigation, domestic violence, fraud, land use, and legal malpractice.
  • In 2008, the practice moved more toward mediation and working as a court-appointed Guardian ad litem. In the last two years, over 30
  • Teach the K.I.D.S. class for divorcing parents and never married parents.

Mediator Volunteer

  • Developed active listening skills from mediation class and mediation certificate class.
  • Facilitate best possible thinking from two opposing parties in small claims court.
  • Resolved 4 Small Claims court case.


  • Acted as the company’s liaison for client investors, counsel, courts and borrowers in all matters pertaining to foreclosure mediation.
  • Audited files in mediation to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines.
  • Represented client investors at mediation hearings, both in-person and telephonic, in accordance with applicable statutory requirements.
  • Generated weekly reports detailing new and upcoming mediation hearings for the loss mitigation department and client investors.
  • Audited internal departments to bring resolution to problematic files.


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From your professional experience, you understand that mediators, who play a vital role in the justice system, are excellent verbal and written communicators, skilled negotiators, and effective speakers who can persuade others. You know your competition. A strong resume that deftly details your individual talents and experience is vital for you to set yourself apart. When you begin a job search in this specialized industry, a relevant, high-quality resume sample, like the one below, can help you create a fantastic resume that showcases your skills and grabs employers’ attention.

Look at our mediator resume sample to determine if your document has key sections and information hiring managers want to see. Did you include important skills? What about professional accomplishments? Are your format and general organization similar so the document is easy to follow? If you are still unsure after studying the sample, try our resume builder for more help.

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Olivia C. Gamble, Ph.D.

100 Broadway Lane
New Parkland, CA, 91010
Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Legal Mediator prepared to perform neutral and non-biased negotiations in legal disputes. Utilizing studied problem solving, will meet with opposing sides to discuss options and reach logical resolutions that satisfy both parties. Have played significant role in child custody, labor disputes and medical malpractice cases.

Core Qualifications

  • Over 250 hours of accredited training in 20+ years
  • Mediator, arbitrator and ADR
  • Bar of United States Supreme Court
  • Credentialed mediator in seven states
  • Background in legal services
  • Best interest based perspective
  • Strong negotiator
  • Relationship building
  • Flexible style


Legal Mediator – March 2007 to Present
Self-employed, New Cityland, CA

  • Mediated over 1,700 cases for private practices and Superior Court. Played key role in 2011 settlement between Government of New Cityland and Local 317, narrowly avoiding a teachers strike.
  • Regular clients include Amble Legal Services, DOE Enterprises, New Cityland Police Department and Rose Pharmaceuticals.
  • Lecturer and trainer on mediation styles, including transformative, narrative and facilitative.

Legal Mediator – March 2002 to February 2007
Masterson & Morgenstern, New Cityland, CA

  • Successfully arbitrated 600 cases for firm clients, including Burger Queen, Government of New Cityland and FTB Sports.
  • Trained new attorneys in negotiation techniques.


2002 Doctorate of Philosophy, Conflict Analysis
University of California, New Cityland, CA

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Why Is This a Good Mediator Resume Sample?

You can appreciate what makes this document an exceptional example of a mediator resume by examining the professional summary first. This section, though compact, includes a great deal of important information for hiring managers. It begins by explaining the applicant’s experience succinctly then goes on to illustrate dedication by mentioning professional studies to gain vital skills and knowledge. It describes the applicant’s approach as being logical and fair before closing with a description of specific types of cases with which the applicant has experience.

The mediator resume sample next lists the applicant’s key qualifications using bullets, making this vital record easy to scan and quickly understand. Employers easily learn what sets this jobseeker apart, from extensive training (over 250 hours) and long-term experience (20+ years) to professional accreditations (credentials in seven states). This listing closes by including important skills and talents, as well as describing a winning professional outlook (flexible, relationship builder, strong negotiator, seeks best interests). This section does not become a generic listing of tired jargon. Each point is fresh, succinct, and relevant.

The next section of the mediator resume sample encapsulates the applicant’s professional work history. Although there are but two entries, this experience summary nevertheless communicates the responsibilities of each position and also details extensive experience. Start this section with the most recent position listed first, and include each employer’s name, location, and dates employed to make it easy for hiring managers to find references, if desired. Each bullet point confidently and clearly describes duties and accomplishments using specific metrics.

Finally, the education section in this mediator resume sample briefly describes the applicant’s important academic qualifications without unnecessary details. List your most recent degree first, including the specific area of study, educational institution, and graduation year.

Why You Need a Strong Mediator Resume

Predictions give the mediator industry an above-average growth rate of nine percent through 2024, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Naturally, this burgeoning field attracts large numbers of job applicants, many of whom are new graduates willing to work for low salaries, making a compelling resume vital to grab an employer’s attention.

Hiring managers generally take only five to seven seconds to scan each resume. Your resume must pop immediately or risk rejection. You need to impress employers quickly and make them want to spend time learning more about your qualifications. Therefore, your document should be easy to read. It also needs to efficiently describe your skills and accomplishments.

Use the mediator resume sample and writing tips to help you develop a forceful, readable resume that encourages busy employers to slow down and spend time with you.

Costly Mediator Resume Mistakes To Avoid

The mediation industry requires logic, expert communication, and practiced negotiation. A job applicant in this field needs a rational, readable resume to inspire confidence in hiring managers. However, a businesslike tone need not be boring. Indeed, if you want to make employers want to know more, your document must be interesting and readable. The writer in our mediator resume sample balances these requirements exceptionally well. Bullet points and crisp phrases such as “over 250 hours of accredited training in 20+ years,” “credentialed mediator in seven states,” and “flexible style” give vital information in a skimmable format. The writer also varies the language without losing consistency in tone. For example, “mediated over 1,700 cases…” and “successfully arbitrated 600 cases” say the same thing while holding hiring managers’ attention.

Finally, since you want your resume to showcase your skills, make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in this vital document. Also, ensure you have the correct employers’ names and employment dates.


Creating a compelling resume demands meticulous crafting, as in our mediator resume sample. To stand out from the crowd in this competitive industry, follow best writing practices. Fashion an informative, riveting summary statement. Your skills section should focus briefly but clearly on relevant strengths and skills. Begin each line in your experience section with powerful action verbs, and include only pertinent educational information. Let’s get started!

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