Essay On Fall Season

Life's Seasons:
Autumn To Fall

Autumn. Some of us call it Fall. And the latter name is believed to have originated not because of the fall of leaves from the trees, but because it is the season when the sun falls below the equator to spring back up again six months later.

In polar regions, it is the season of nightfall as local inhabitants prepare for the extended winter night. Indeed, the autumnal equinox at the Pole is the day when the sun falls below the horizon, not to return for six dark months.

And, if we define the period such that the equinox is at the mid-point (the solar seasons), the Fall season encompasses those days when the daylength is falling most rapidly, perceptibly so in the higher latitudes.

The Autumn can have so many different meanings. A time of harvest and abundance; a time of storing and saving for the long winter season ahead. A time of festivity and reunion. Like every season, Autumn has its unique events and sights, sounds and smells. Here is my potpourri, a perspective biased by years in the Midwest US/central Canada, the Great Lakes region with a hint of Pacific Northwest Coast for added seasoning.

Autumn in Illinois by Keith C. Heidorn,
Oil Painting on Canvas ©2005, All Rights Reserved, Artist's Collection.

Jack Frost. Hallowe'en. The Great Pumpkin. Thanksgiving. Pilgrim fathers and Native rescuers. Homecoming and reunion. Indian Summer. Two, maybe three Indian Corn. Blackberry canes. Fall Back. The State Fair. The Ex. Oktoberfest. Cornucopia overflowing. Pickling, canning, drying...and nibbling as you work.

First days of school. New long crayons by the box. Unsharpened pencils. Book bags and new binders, packages of paper and pens. New friends and old ones back again. New books, new horizons. Remembering your seat and schedule. Finding that classroom.

Rookie call-ups. Playing out the string. Roger and Mickey, Mark and Sammy. The World Series, the Fall Classic. Why not the Cubs? Larsen's Perfect Game. Home runs: Mazeroski and Carter. Don't forget Fisk and Dent, Mr October and Yogi.

The kick-off. First and ten. The Big Game. Let's Go Blue. Touchdown! The Victors. A marching band echoing the school fight song from a jammed stadium. The Quarterback Club. The last round of 18. The Turkey Trot. Running through crispy fallen leaves.

Season's End by Keith C. Heidorn,
Watercolour on Paper
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

Washing windows and hanging "storms." Stacking picnic tables and chairs. Rakes and snow shovels moving up in status in the garage. Winterizing the cabin. Draining the pipes. Pulling in the boats and docks. Rhythmic thwacks of ax through wood; mechanical buzz and whine of chain saws. Digging out skates and skis. Sowing winter wheat and ground cover. Mulching, pruning, planting bulbs. The last lawn mow -- hurray!

Packing summer clothes. Unpacking the winter ones. No whites after Labour Day. Shorts weather, jacket weather, sweater weather, great coat weather, then boots and parkas. Smell of moth balls and cedar chests. A cuddly warm sweater and thick warm socks.

The taste of hot cider and plain fried doughnuts. A turkey roasting through the afternoon. Hot apple pie. The hubbub of the Farmer s Market on a crisp Saturday morning. Combines inching their way across golden brown acreage. Large, round mums. Caramel apples on a stick.

Autumn Leaves by Keith C. Heidorn,
Computer-generated Graphic on Transparency
©2005, All Rights Reserved.

The hazy, cloudless skies of Indian Summer. Leaves scurrying down the street before the wind. The cold shiver from an arctic blast. Indian Summer. The last warmth of the sun. Chilly mornings and glorious warm afternoons. The Harvest Moon. The Hunter's Moon. The Rainy Season. Dry corn stalks clattering in the wind. The touch of frost on grass and window pane. The smell of burning leaves.

Warm winds from the south, coat-tightener blasts from the north. Pleasant breeze, cooling wind, chilling gale. The edgy-ness of distant storms brewing. First ice on the pond, then the stream, then the lake and river. The first flurries of snow, the first white ground cover. Get the shovels ready!

A Vee of geese honking their goodbyes to the land. Birds flocking, numbering in the hundreds...then no longer seen. Wasps and bees drunkenly flitting from fallen fruit to fermented fallen fruit. Squirrels gathering their cache, scurrying from here to there to here. Crows, cardinals, jays and assorted little brown birds, lonely calls wondering where everyone went.

Snakes and frogs looking for a hole for slumber. Bears and foxes seeking dens. The groundhog burrowing a little deeper and not leaving a wake-up call for February 2nd. Rabbits and owls and weasels changing colour, adding white to their wardrobe. And after Labour Day!

Salmon running, struggling every precious inch upstream to breed. Lake fish diving deeper to the stable bottom waters. Caterpillars feasting on the last of the summer bounty before drifting into a transforming beauty sleep. Flies clustering in barns and attics, seeking the last warm spot away from the winds of winter.

Red Maple, Blue Sky by Keith C. Heidorn,
Photograph ©1998, All Rights Reserved.

But most of all, Autumn means colored leaves: a spectrum of shades between the green shades of summer and the dull browns of winter. Crimson, fiery red, maroon, ruddy orange, pure orange, yellow orange, soft yellows and bright yellows. Red maples, yellow birch, scarlet sycamores, aspen golds. Mottled leaves of several colours in transition. Each deciduous tree, each bush, strutting its own autumn wardrobe. Naked willows dancing in the wind. In their midst, the smug conifers stand. "Evergreen," they say to us, "ever green."

Ahhh, those bright autumn spells that bring out the most vivid of hues. Days so delightful you can almost taste the colour. And those cold, crisp nights when the air has its own special vintage to entice us back outdoors one last time. A bouquet matched in no other season — aged in Northern realms and blended just right.

This is how I see and have seen Autumn over my half century of life. I hope such joy and beauty, such stability and changeability, surprises and rouutines, continue through my next fifty. I love a good season, watching it turn, engendering days of joy and days of melancholy. Sorry, must go. Adventure lurks outside my door.

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  • Teale, Edwin Way: A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm, Bibliopola Press; 1998-reprint, (pb) ISBN 0939883023

Written by
Keith C. Heidorn, PhD, THE WEATHER DOCTOR,
October 1, 1999

Life's Seasons: Autumn To Fall
©1999, Keith C. Heidorn, PhD. All Rights Reserved.
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Spring Vs Fall - Need help on my comparision essay

Hello Gloria,

This is my comparison essay. Could you please edit my grammer mistakes ,also give some feed back please? Thanks in advance. My teacher always said "mind your word choices" did I do anything like that in this essay? help me please!


Spring Vs Fall

Spring is the season between winter and summer. Autumn, or fall, is the season between summer and winter. Both seasons are beautiful; they are often wet. Although there is exquisite beauty in the seasons of Fall and spring, there are also some distinctions there such as, weather, color, activities. I like both seasons, but I prefer the Fall season, because I am from different continent,Asia. Over there we have fall season, but it has a different name called "Autumn". The specialty here is color changing, In my place there is no color change.

In spring, the air begins to warm; temperatures slowly rise as the days get longer. I first came in Chicago during the Spring time. Initially I wasn't impress much, but later years I love spring weather after suffering the cold days of icy weather. Snow and ice melt and more rain tend to fall during this season. I hear the sound of the last frost crackling under my feet. Spring is showery and flowery. Leaves on trees start budding out and turns greening, flowers and grass start growing and blowing, due to the temperatures getting warmer and warmer. Color flowers with nice smell announces the spring to everybody ; we also smell the first cut of grass on a warm spring day. People do gardening in spring time.

Not only me, every body loves to be free and feel light with thin pants and short sleeves in spring. Especially kids love to go out and play. They ride their bikes and if it is a windy day, it would fun to fly kites. Spring is the time for base ball. Most of the children get out their bats and ball. Spring is a busy time for animals; they slept all winter and become active again. A small green frog, on a big brown log; A black and yellow bee, In a little green tree; All sit and listen to red bird sing. Many animals will have their young in the spring, when food is plentiful. Furthermore, their young will have time to grow before experiencing a cold winter themselves. Spring is busy time for people too. Farmers take care of the newborn animals; they plant seeds in the fields. People do swimming and sailing for their pleasure. Totally I can feel the butterflies, swarming around me, landing on me for luck. Who can forget the way lemonade tastes on the first day of spring?

In fall the air begins to cool. So fall season is a cool, frost and sleet weather. Nothing compares to the color of autumn leaves at the peak of their splendor. Leaves of some trees will turn colors such as red, yellow; gold,orange and brown and all they fall off. I love to see the fall color again and again. My first fall season is unforgettable. My husband took me a vacation to looked some fall color in Minneapolis state. The air was turning crisp and cold. So we put on long pants and sleeves and jackets to keep us warm. It was a wonderful experience to see such nice mixed color trees and leaves. First I thought Is bright yellow and orange sun hiding behind the those trees. Wow! It was marvelous! Autumn leaves crunched and crackled under my feet and whooshed and whirled all around me. If winds swoops up, more leaves fell down. There was a big big piles of leaves, I jumped in and hide inside like a child. Leaves were prickled and tickled all over me after that I popped out. The sun went down so early and we wait to saw the big harvest moon; finally the the full moon rose up and up. Even now, I see the fall season on my home whenever I crossed the beautiful picture mounted on the wall. Not only me, everyone likes the magic of the fall color. Some plants bear fruit, such as apple trees; ripe apples falls for eating, baking and caramel apple making. Next interesting thing is pumpkin; I can't think about eating pumpkin pie is delicious and Yum!. People choose a great big pumpkin; carve a face and make jack-o-lantern.; and roast the seeds. Halloween and thanksgiving are the main holidays in Fall. Football is a favorite game in Fall. People do hiking and bicycling activities in fall season.

One day trees are all bare; leaves have fallen every where; there is an icy chill in the air; very soon winter will be here. Some animals will begin to migrate, or move to warmer areas for the coming winter. Other animals will store and eat food to prepare for hibernation or dormancy. Earth worms tunnel down where the earth doesn't freeze; a raccoon finds a safe place in a hollow log; a chipmunk stores some seeds in undergrounds. We can hear honking of geese when migrating; also can smell burning leaves and smoking woods. We can find scattering dry seeds everywhere we go.

Even though lots of differences between them, there are couple of similarities too, 1) the length of day and night are the same, 2) both season are transition seasons. Spring precedes summer and fall precedes winter. On the day of spring and fall starts (Mar21 & sep22) the sun shines exactly over the equator at that time the day and night time are same almost all places in the world. In both seasons people like to travel. Both seasons are great in many ways. However, I admires the magic of Fall colors.

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