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What is ChaCha?

ChaCha is a great place to express your knowledge and opinions, get advice, or just have fun meeting great new people like you! Part of our unique formula is the ability for you to pay-it-forward by helping others with their questions in real-time.

Does it cost anything to use the ChaCha app?

ChaCha is free to download and use.

How old do you have to be to use ChaCha?

This App is designed for a mature audience. It is labelled as 17+. If you’re not 17 please reconsider if you really want to be here. Anyone who appears to be under 13 years old will be booted, as required by COPPA.

Where did the Guides go?

There are no Guides in the ChaCha app. We are building a community of people like you to help each other.  If you are looking for faster homework answers, check out our Guide-powered Homework Hero app.

Who answers questions if there are no more Guides?

Users answer each other’s questions. It’s a growing community. Right now it’s great for advice and opinions, and we expect it to work great for all kinds of questions as we grow. Everyone knows about something, right!   But you should be warned that there will be some wrong answers and some playful answers and maybe even mean ones. Just Report the answer if you don’t like it (use the … beside it) or Block the user if he/she is a nuisance (tap their icon and then on their profile page click the …)

Where can I see answers to my questions?

The fourth icon at the bottom will take you to your Activity Wall, where you can find all answers to your questions, good vibes you’ve received, and questions posed by the people you follow.  If you asked questions in the old ChaCha app, you need to login to ChaCha.com to see them.

How can I contact ChaCha if I have a problem with the app?

E-mail us at help@chacha.com

How do I ask a question?

Tap the center question mark icon at the bottom and type your question into the box provided.

Do I have to take a picture or video to ask a question on ChaCha?

No. While images and video allow you to enhance your questions and answers, and the likelihood you will get responses, they are not required.

What are “good vibes”?

Good vibes are ChaCha’s way of letting someone know you liked their question or comment. To send good vibes to a user, tap the heart icon under their post. When you receive good vibes, your screen will vibrate! Unlike other service’s “likes,” though, you can’t take good vibes back, so give them out like hugs.

What is Explore?

The Explore page shows popular and high-velocity questions over the last 24 hours.  See what everyone is talking about!

What is iKnow?

The iKnow page shows recent questions from the entire ChaCha community, as well as recommended questions that match your interests. Every time you ask a question, ChaCha reviews your keywords to identify what topics you are interested in. By identifying these topics, ChaCha is able to personalize your iKnow page with questions that reflect your interests.


What kinds of questions can I ask?

Almost anything you can imagine!  The most successful posts on ChaCha revolve around opinions or advice. The more opinionated questions that encourage conversation and debate do the best.

  • How do you like my outfit? (accompanied by a photo or video)
  • Brady or Manning?
  • What is your favorite pizza restaurant in Chicago?
  • What is a good gift for my boyfriend’s 17th birthday?
  • Should I buy the new Call of Duty or Battlefield?

Be creative! Users do get bored when they see common questions, so the more unique and interesting yours is, the more answers you will receive.

Can I ask questions about sex?

Of course! Ask away.

Is bad language allowed?

Yes. But please follow our Acceptable Use Policy, our Terms of Use, and avoid hate speech, personal attacks, and threats of violence.

Is there anything I can’t ask?

As long as it’s interesting and contributes to the community, go for it. Please keep in mind that ChaCha is to be used for entertainment purposes only. For more information, you can refer to our Terms of Use.

What about Homework questions?

To ask Homework related questions, download ChaCha’s Homework Hero app. You can ask them in the new ChaCha app, and you might get some great answers, but a lot of homework questions are boring to many users and may not get answered by the community.

What is this Homework Hero I’ve heard so much about?

Homework Hero is ChaCha’s sister app (iPhone only so far). It allows users to ask all of their homework or fact-based questions and receive a quick response from a paid guide. If most or all of your questions on ChaCha are homework-related, Homework Hero is a great option for you! It’s free in the App Store.

Can I post selfies and ask people what they think?

Using the service like “Hot or Not” is frowned upon and discouraged by our Acceptable Use Policy. ChaCha wants to be something different.  However, we do like to see you, and if the photo is relevant to a legitimate question (“What color should I dye my hair?”), it is allowed.


Who can see my posts?

The whole world; unless you limit your visibility to only your followers. Take advantage of the app’s openness to meet new and interesting people and get advice from a wide audience! You can send direct questions to specific users using their @username, though those questions can still be viewed by others. If you wish to hide your identity for a specific question, you can ask a question anonymously by toggling your avatar on the “Ask” page.

Can I post anonymous questions?

Absolutely! To post a question anonymously, tap your avatar on the Ask a Question screen. A msg will inform you that you are now asking anonymously and your icon will go grey. You’re good to go!

Why can’t I answer anonymously?

We purposefully do not allow anonymous answers because internet users tend to behave badly when they can hide behind an anonymous name. Trust us; it’s in everyone’s best interests.

Do my questions get posted to Facebook or Twitter when I “Ask”?

No. Your questions in ChaCha do not automatically get posted on Facebook or Twitter. However, to the top right of the “Ask” button, you have the option to toggle the Facebook and Twitter icons if you wish to share your questions on either or both social networks.

Will my personal information be shared?

Your privacy is very important to us. We use your personal information only to enhance your use of ChaCha. ChaCha does not rent, sell, or share your information. For a complete policy on privacy with ChaCha, please view our Privacy Policy.  However, anything you put on your profile page is publicly visible and not information we can control.


How do you block someone?

To block a fellow ChaCha user (or ChaChee), visit his or her profile page. On the top right, next to the user’s display name, you will see an ellipses (three gray dots). Click on the ellipses and a menu will appear with four options: Report ChaChee, Block ChaChee, Topics and Cancel. Press “Block ChaChee” to no longer see that user’s content. To unblock the user, simply press the three dots again and select “Unblock ChaChee” or press the teal “Blocked” button next to his or her profile picture.

How do you report someone?

Go to the person’s profile and tap the three small dots at the right side. On the popup screen, select “Report ChaChee.”

How do I report a bad question or answer?

On the question page, tap the three small dots at the right side of the question or answer you wish to report. On the popup screen, select “Report Question” or “Report Answer.”

How can I make sure I don’t get banned?

Follow our Acceptable Use Policy.

Why did my account get banned?

You broke our Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Use.

If I’ve been banned, can I ever be re-enabled?

Possibly. If you think you were disabled in error, contact help@chacha.com

Why do my questions or answers disappear?

Assuming there is not a bug with the app, they are probably being disabled because you are:

  • Asking to chat
  • Asking for pictures from other users
  • Posting hot or not selfies
  • Posting things that are not questions
  • Annoying other users



How do you add a photo or video to a question?

After typing your question, tap the camera icon to the left. You can then take a new photo, select a photo from your camera roll by tapping the box to the left, or tap the video camera icon on the right to switch to video. After taking or selecting the photo or video you want, tap “done” at the top right corner.

How can I get more followers?

Post entertaining things! Ask interesting questions! Give helpful or insightful answers! The more you interact with other users in the app, the more followers you will get!  But you don’t need followers to have fun; it just means you questions will get a wider exposure.

How can I get my posts on the main Explore page?

Post an interesting question that gets people talking! Attach a photo or video to make your post extra eye-catching, and then cross your fingers that other users will answer and leave comments.

How do I edit my profile?

Tap the icon on the far right to arrive on your profile. Then tap the gear icon at the top right and Edit Profile.

How do I add a picture to my profile?

Tap the icon on the far right to arrive on your profile. Then tap the gear icon at the top right and Edit Profile. At this point you can tap Upload Image

How do I find my friends?

Tap the icon on the far right to arrive on your profile. Near the top, tap “Find Friends.” You can then search for people you know using your Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail account.

Can I search for questions?

Yes! While on the Explore page (the icon on the far left), tap the magnifying glass icon at the top left. Type your search into the search bar.

Can I search for other users?

Absolutely! follow the same directions as you would to search for questions, but select the “usernames” tab and begin your search query with the @ symbol.

Can I share questions on other social networks?

Please do! While on the question page, tap the square icon with an arrow above it to share said question on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or via e-mail.

Can I turn off these annoying notifications?!

Yes, you absolutely can! Tap the icon on the far right to arrive on your profile, and then tap the gear icon at the top right. Then you can select “settings” and deselect any notification you no longer wish to receive.

What does the flashing light bulb mean?

It means someone has asked a new question that ChaCha thinks you might be able to answer. Tap on the light bulb to arrive on the iKnow page, and then select the “Recommended” tab to see the question.

How do I create a ChaCha account?

You can sign up for ChaCha using your existing Facebook and Twitter accounts, or by creating a unique account in the ChaCha app using an existing email.

How do I change my username?

Tap the icon on the far right to arrive on your profile. Tap the gear icon at the top right and Edit Profile. On this screen, type your new username and then Save.

How do I change my password?

Tap the icon on the far right to arrive on your profile. Tap the gear icon at the top right and Edit Profile. On this screen, type your old password and new password, and then Reset.

I submitted a request to reset my password, but I didn’t receive an e-mail with instructions. What should I do?

If you are having problems resetting your password, please contact us.

How do I deactivate my account?

You can delete the ChaCha app from your mobile device if you no longer wish to use it. However, your content and account information will remain on the app. Individual questions and answers can be removed.

Does ChaCha work on the iPad?

Yes. The ChaCha app is optimized for iPad use. Enjoy!

Does ChaCha work on the iPod touch?

While you may be missing the functionality of the backend camera, the ChaCha app should function fine on the iPod touch.

Does ChaCha work on iOS 6?

ChaCha is optimized for iOS 7, but it should work for iOS 6.

Is ChaCha available for Android?

Yes, it’s in the Play store now. Go get it!

Why do emojis show up as question marks?

In the past, emojis were converted to question marks. They now work in the latest version of the app!

Can you direct or private message other users in the app?

Not currently, but that feature will be available soon.

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