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Why Study Health and Social Care?

This is usually a BTEC - if this is the case - DONT DO IT. At some schools, students pick this course because it takes them out of other subjects such as languages, but you must realise employers want things such as languages and the other subjects this course wipes out. Do this at A level if if you really want to do it, but make sure that it is not a BTEC as they are really poorly regarded. Employers and universities hate them and you will be classed as an "unable" student.

Course Format

Its all coursework mostly, very easy to get a good grade you just have to put the effort in.

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You really wont need any, its all very simple coursework!

A Level

Why Study Health and Social Care?

Health and Social Care is a brilliant course to take if you want to go into some sort of social role within medicine. Its not great for nursing as it does nursing requires constant content on human biology, which this does not. It does however go hand in hand with human biology and nursing courses do like it. It takes into a great deal of factors to do with health care, from things such as child development, mental health, how communication takes place in care setting, promoting good health to promoting, health and safety, anatomy and physiology to promoting quality care.

Course Structure

There is A LOT of course. A LOT. You will doing coursework ALL THE TIME and it is very lengthy. You will also take part in work experience as well in early years settings. There is an exam within the first year, right at the very end when all the coursework is complete. If your taking OCR - the exam is a devil to pass as the exam board frequently move the bands around depending on how well (or bad) people do. You have two coursework modules (if youre doing single award health and social care) and these are roughly worth 33% of your AS grade each. The exam is then worth the remainder and takes into consideration spelling and grammar and the way you write. Basically, you have to be able to write coherently to be able to get a good grade. The same again applies to A2.

Study Help

There are not many resources regarding this course if you are on the OCR exam board. I advise that you use getrevising to find resources as this is very helpful. The text books provided do fill your head up with a lot of stuff that you do not really need. Honestly - your best off printing off all of the past exam papers for the exam that you will take at the end of the year, printing off the mark schemes and then taking all the questions that have occured over the years and all the answers from the mark schmee and making flashcards with them. Then just memorise it. The same questions come up every single year and the mark schemes rarely change. Thats how I got 99% anyway. For coursework, its relatively simple - you can use the internet to find the answers and the text books are really informative for this side of the course.


As said above, its not brilliant for the medical side of nursing unless paired with biology, but alone, its brilliant for the social side and can really open up doors for you. It is however regarded as a soft subject, so some universities look down on it regarding it as easy. ALSO make sure that the course youre doing will be an actual A level - not a BTEC. BTEC's are hardly worth anything at all. Employers dont like them and neither do universities, dont pick them! They are classed as being the A level for "thick" people. DONT DO IT!

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