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The assignments feature on Raz-Kids saves you valuable time while strengthening the connection between what is being taught and what students are practicing. This feature allows you to easily assign your whole class, small groups, or individual students books and resources at developmentally appropriate levels and around specific content areas and topics.

Digital resources give students the opportunity to independently read content�anywhere they have an Internet connection�through the Kids A-Z eLearning portal and mobile app.

By creating groups of students in the Classroom Roster within the Kids A-Z Student Management area, you can easily assign resources to specific groups of students.

With Raz-Kids, teachers can assign various resources to students or groups of students from multiple places on the website:

  • Main Resource Pages

    Hover over the resource thumbnail to display the Assign feature.

  • Individual Resource Pages

    Preview the digital resources available for a book and assign those resources to students using the Assign feature on a book's landing page.

  • Search

    Access the Assign feature by hovering over a resource's thumbnail in a list of Search results.

    Once you click on the Assign button, simply select the resources you want to assign and the students or groups of students in your roster you want to receive the assignment. The assignment will appear in the students' My Assignments area in Kids A-Z.

Other ways to make assignments include choosing a level for each student in your roster to help them Level Up! and assigning one or more individual resources to a student or group of students using the Custom Assignment feature.


Wednesday, January 27th: 

DUE: Have your story selected and bring in well rendered thumbnails of your ideas so far. Have children's book illustration moodboards uploaded to your flickr account.

INCLASS: Work day / Small groups

GUEST: Animator, children's book illustrator and rabid fan and collector of vintage children's books: Ward Jenkins! This is a great opportunity to ask him questions about illustrating a children's book!


Monday, February 1st:

DUE: Upload all process to flickr and add to the pool.

INCLASS: Flickr Crit on progress of your cover and spreads.  

GUESTS:Julia Rothman via Skype at NOON

Check out her work - she will be a great person to listen to for this project as well!


Wednesday, February  3rd:

DUE: Process uploaded to flickr. Printouts of your cover and spreads.

INCLASS: Small group critique


Monday, February  8th: 

DUE: Your finished (or almost finished) front cover, back cover, spine and two page spreads uploaded to flickr.

INCLASS: Workday. Start working on creating related patterned end pages and a title page. 


Wednesday, February 10th: 

NO CLASS. I am in Chicago. Please continue working and uploading to Flickr. I will be able to help online. ALSO: Help each other!


Monday, February 15th:

DUE: Bring in print outs of ALL parts. 

Total amount of parts and pieces: Cover, Back cover, Two - 2 page spreads, title page and related patterned end pages. 

INCLASS: FINAL CRIT ON EVERYTHING! / introduce new assignment


Wednesday, February 17th:

DUE: ALL DUE! Bring in final printouts!

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