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In 2016-2017, California tested students using the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), administered through the online Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments. These are comprehensive, end-of-year assessments of grade-level learning that measure progress toward college and career readiness. Each test, English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics is comprised of two parts: (1) a computer adaptive test and (2) a performance task; administered within a 12-week window beginning at 66 percent of the instructional year for grades three through eight, or within in a 7-week window beginning at 80 percent of the instructional year for grade eleven. The summative assessments are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA and mathematics. The tests capitalize on the strengths of computer adaptive testing-efficient and precise measurement across the full range of achievement and timely turnaround of results.

In 2015-2016 California used the California Standards Tests (CSTs) to test students in science in grades 5, 8 and 10. The CSTs are standards-based tests, which means they measure how well students are mastering specific skills defined for each grade by the state of California. The goal is for all students to score at or above proficient on the tests.


1010 N Main St
Santa Ana, CA92701
(714) 560-0900

My first year here as a sophomore-- i transferred from Woodbridge High School. I'm in visual arts and it's my favorite thing ever, but the people here are freaking weird and I miss my friends. I have a freaking B in spanish 3, since I'm totally not used to their foreign language system here. BUT STILL! I HAVE A FREAKING B!!!! I'm taking 4 accelerated classes, and SPANISH is the one that I get a B in. Also the WASC whatevers are really harsh here b/c it's a charter so their math is common core to the core and common core is so freaking terrible it's basically education communism. The teachers for the most part are really nice. It's not as competitive here as it is at an Irvine school but the academics are definitely better than average. I don't know how it is in other conservatories but VA is really great and everyone in my grade is pretty much at the same level (before I came I thought I was going to be really bad compared to everyone). The staff people in charge aren't super great/friendly, but the teachers are much better. There's like no school spirit here considering that this school is really selective. No pep rallies, no mascot, no football games, nothing. From a social standpoint, I think it's a lot easier to ignore popularity and all that here. At regular public schools you can really tell the distinctions between popular people and loser people like me but here nobody really cares at all. Also it's hard to have a friend group because it's a charter and everyone lives far away from each other. I MISS MY FRIENDS! I also miss my lil bubble. People do drugs here and I was like wha !! because even at weedbridge I never noticed it or whatever... I thought it would be a lot easier to transfer here, but it's real hard to transfer no matter where you go. Maybe I would like it more if I came during 7th grade or 9th grade, but overall I'm not having the best experience. I don't regret coming here and I won't transfer back, but it was definitely one of the hardest things for me to adapt.

As a parent, I was disappointed to find out that there is a $6000 required donation (they don't call this a tuition) per year. Now I am stuck, because my kid is excited to go there, and I don't want to disappoint her. But for all the potential students and parents out there: THERE IS A TUITION OF $6000 PER YEAR!!! IT'S DEFINITELY NOT FREE!! DON'T BE FOOLED!!! After all, everyone has the right to make an informed decision.

My daughter has been going to this school just since August of last year. In that short of a time, this school has transformed her life and shaped her into a responsible young adult who knows what she wants to do in life and now has a plan on how to go out and get it. The teachers and administrators are terrific and the best part is that she's around kids just like her, with the same passion for music she has. This doesn't happen in a regular public school, at least not in the ones she went to before. I am so grateful for her time her an only wish she had been going there for as many years as allowed (they take grades 7-12). She has learned discipline, responsibility, patience, compassion, and more from this world of like minded kids and teachers. If your child has a passion or talent in any of the arts (dance, music, culinary, creative writing, etc), this is a place for them to thrive.

My rating is actually 2.5 stars. The teachers I've met have been pleasant, as has the administration, for the most part. Yet, it seems to be an environment where a lot of "passing the buck," and shifting blame onto others occurs. I'd have a deeper respect for all those involved if I saw more personal accountability and ownership taking place, followed by acts to rectify the situation, whatever that situation may be. Perhaps too few people, hold too much power. There may not be enough time for one person to micro-manage it all which creates a perpetual cycle of saving face, at the expense of integrity. The administration may be mired in a layer of two of hypocrisy that's likely going to catch up with them sooner or later. My child only spent a summer course at OCSA. As of yet, we are neither terribly impressed nor terribly disappointed. We are remaining cautiously optimistic for this school to grow on us should our children choose to want to attend OCSA in any capacity; summer arts enrichment, or otherwise; but for now we have no plans to return.

The administration at this school are strictly administrators and have no interest in education. It's sad to see administrators with such closed minds and even corrupt minds as to fabricate instances for their agenda. I am extremely disappointed in how they lack any compassion for their students. The teachers on the other hand are opposite of management and are good teachers. Unfortunately they are powerless and afraid of the administration. People, don't be fooled by the high ratings for how else will parents rate? Don't be fooled by the degrees of the administrators. If your child is already at a good school, keep them there. It's not worth it. My child was 2 years ahead of courses and a winning participant in academic contests but has now become an average student. The administration also makes no attempt to know their students and is oblivious to diverse cultures.

I'm a current senior finishing up on my 6th! Year at Ocsa and it has been the BEST experience of my life. My family are alumni and it is the best charter school. This is why we are ranked so high. I honestly don't need to say a long message. Best place to send your artist. -Faith

I went to this school for 4 years in middle and high school. While the artistic portion is good, the academics were terrible, especially in comparison with Irvine schools. I switched from OCHSA to an Irvine high school and I found out I was extremely behind in science, math, writing, and Spanish. The teachers here were young and idealistic, but they don't realize that education should be rigorous and challenging, not watered down. I got fat at this school too. Between going to school from 8-5 with a 30-60 minute commute to and from school meant only 1-3 hours per night for homework and no time for exercise. Edit: I forgot to add. Some of the conservatory teachers take themselves WAY too seriously here. When my sister was a freshman in her acting class, her teacher said "who here wants to be an actor/actress when they grow up?" And my sister as well as a few others didn't raise their hands. The teacher went CRAZY belittling them for daring to do acting in high school without having any plans to do it as a career. Excuse me? These are 14-17 year olds in a high school theater class. They are still figuring out their passions and talents. You don't need to plan on being an actor for life because you go to OCHSA. Maybe you like acting and want to do it for a few years but ultimately want to be a doctor, teacher, lawyer, painter, engineer, etc. Maybe you don't know what you want to do with your life because you are freaking 14. Who does this woman think she is for belittling teenagers for not having their lives planned out??? Edit: another time I went to see a show here. I arrived a little late and the ushers were sooo disrespectful and rude. When I arrived a little late an usher, Usher A told me to wait. I patiently waited and another usher, usher B came and placed me in a seat. At the end of the show usher A came to me and said "why did you sit down when I told you to wait?" I calmly responded with "usher B sat me down". Instead of backing off and moving on, usher B felt entitled to affirm her authority/dominance the ONLY usher we should listen to by having a HUGE SCREAMING FIT at a horrified, shocked, and disgusted high schooler a quarter her age. I stormed off and my mom spoke to Jeff Paul. The kicker was I KNEW HER SON and HE WASNT EVEN IN THE SHOW. I wasn't stealing "junior's" (fake name) limelight in the high school play. In fact, I felt really sorry for junior and reasoned that his crazy mom was the reason why he, too had major issues. I vowed never to go to another OCHSA show ever again. I have been to other high school plays and never seen such moronic, unprofessional, and hysterical behavior on behalf of the parent ushers. Another problem is that this school is incredibly sexist and sexual. People engage in X-rated PDA all over the place and no one does anything about it. During jazz dances CHILDREN ages 11 and up were bullied into dancing like strippers. If you tell your teacher you are uncomfortable she brushes off your natural feelings of child exploitation and threatens to lower your grade. Girls face intense pressure to wear revealing clothes and teachers ignore the dress code. Since there are way fewer straight males than straight females, girls feel obligated to throw themselves right and left at the boys. Edit: I found out they use common core math here!! That lowered my review to 1-star! Common core is a disaster!

I find this school to be an excellent choice, if your child is into the arts. It is a very long day, and you have to be disciplined in keeping everything in check. I have nothing but admiration for the administration, like any place else, it has some flaws. There are a few teachers that I find to be lacking in their teaching abilities, but how can you not give praise to the % of good teachers? You are going to find the same negatives where ever your child goes to school. When you run your business, are you always going to be wanting just the complaints? One person said the school made her fat. Umm...last time I checked, no one makes you fat, except yourself. We all know, it takes fifteen minutes a day to fit in some exercise, stay off your phone, and use portion control! I'd like to take the time to thank some of the wonderful administrators and teachers there. Kathy Presby, very caring, helpful. Kara McCann, caring, helpful. Wendy Tobiska, Jacq Tobiska, encouraging, helpful, caring. Science- Kristine Karlberg, Mrs. Seman... excellent teachers. English-Stacie Cruz, Heidi Foote go excellent ! Math- Mrs. Gerahulu(forgive my spelling), Mrs Conri, were able to teach my non math student. History- Sharon Browne, Mr. Dion, caring people...They love their OCSA kids. Spanish- Mrs Ford, excellent! Best back to school night ever, in 37 years of raising my kids. To all the conservatory teachers, most of them, along with these teachers I mentioned, have made a big impact in my child's life. If your student desires to learn,they will get the best these people have to offer. So, if you want to compare school to school, go ahead. Ultimately, it is up to the individual how serious and discaplined they wish to be. Have there been a few occasions that I have been highly annoyed with some issues, of course. My daughter is my fourth and last child, I have had an enjoyable go of it, COMPARING with the other schools my other children have gone. The only negative has been the driving. Don't we do that for our children, such as sports and other activities they maybe involved with. I'd like to rant about the few times I've been annoyed, but overall, this school is a wonderful place to be, if your child has these interests. It is not fair to concentrate on the negatives, when the overall picture is grand.

My daughter is going into her 4th year at OCSA - started as an 8th grader - and she absolutely LOVES the school and so do I. PARENTS - it is NOT for everybody, though. The day starts at 8:05 - and most kids commute from quite far away - and the 9 - 12 grades get out at 4:50 so it is a very LONG DAY for our kids. Conservatory hours start at 2:15 - 4:50 every day except Fridays. The 7th and 8th graders get out at 3:30 every day but can stay until 4:50 and go to Homework Club if they need to stay bc of their carpool or bus pickup. School gets out at 1:30 on Fridays which is wonderful because the kids are usually very tired by Friday and need the early dismissal. NOTE TO PARENTS - DO NOT try to get your audition material ready and get your child into OCSA unless your child is sincerely passionate about their art, classical or commercial singing, classical, international, ballroom or commerical dancing, piano, culinary arts, film and TV editing, instrumental music, acting, commercial music, production & design or digital media work. Your child has to live and breath their conservatory or they will strongly dislike the school. It is just too time consuming and draining of a schedule unless they are fully engaged in their art. Your child also has to be highly self-motivated & organized with their academics, which can be VERY RIGOROUS if your child takes Honors or AP classes. The students also have to be very on top of tests, homework, personal time management (saying no to parties and sleepovers on weekends with their old non-OCSA friends in our case) AND being very resilient with rejection and not getting the roles they want or placed where they think they should be placed in certain shows, etc. Your student will learn about their own personal limits, boundaries and what makes them tick - that is the real heart of OCSA. It is a very accepting environment for all the artists - they respect each other, almost like a college campus accepts and encourages diversity with their student body. ALL the kids I have met are "good kids" doing the best they can and are respectful of their teachers and other adults in general. I have read some of the negative reviews and we have had none of the issues they brought up - the teachers have ALL been amazing - NOT perfect mind you - but very engaged with their students, easy access for questions or clarification on any subject and happy to be teaching at such a prestigious school. The school counselors are top notch but you PARENTS need to get to know them early on and so does your student. OCSA does not hold your or your students' hands at all unless you ask for help or assistance and then they are more than willing to help you. OCSA students are generally pretty mature and know what they want and go after it. One of my daughter's good friends who is a current Senior in classical dance is going to Harvard this Fall - exceptional student and person - but she did it all on her own because of guts, persistence, hard work, self-motivation and true passion for her art. Good luck to all of you. Signed off - Happy OCSA parent :-)

I love the dedication shown by the teachers. Honestly we just watched the a Titanic and the acting and song was fantastic!! Their is as much talent on their sets as their are on professional stages. Motto mention the overall API scores.

Dedicated teachers and staff. They deserve kudos for giving kids passion for school. And helping kids excel in their talent.

My daughter attends OCHSA and she absolutely loves it. If your child is into performing or visual arts, there's likely a conservatory that would suit them. Writers, film makers, set builders & back stage crew, dancers, musicians, actors, singers, even if you dance ballet folklorico there is a place for you! The academics are top notch, they even have a built in study hall period called block 7 which is used for times that you need more help in any particular subject. We love how different the kids are here. It's not unusual for kids to wear pajamas to school because they feel like it, put together random films on a whim, or even do a flash mob dance routine at lunch. It is a long day so this must be your life and passion. We do not live close to the school so our day begins at 5am. School starts at 8:00 and ends at 4:50pm for high school kids (3:30 for jr high) The academic day is always first and is done in blocks so you only have 3 classes in your academic day. Say Monday you have math, science and social studies, then Tuesday you'd have PE, English, and your language or elective class. If you're interested you should check the school's site for more specific information. Applications used to be available in January but I think it was earlier this year. People are applying to the school in record numbers so you need to really prepare for your audition. Commercial Dance is known to be the most difficult conservatory to get into so you really need to bring it.

Some of the academic teacher are very good -- some are really bad, they don't care if you learn the subjects. Conservatory teachers play favorites - don't go here if you and your parents are not kiss ups. Principal and other old men in charge run around in their golf cart - don't get to know students. Never saw any of them, except for the asst principal ever talk to any student. Not a good place if you don't like drama.

Not a good school if you are not willing to go with the flow. Administration does not tolerate any critical comments. I hear that they don't like to deal with kids with learning issues.

OCHSA is a 7th-12th grade charter school which incorporates arts education into a general middle/high school education. There are now 11 different conservatories (I think there were 8 when I started) ranging from Classical Dance and Opera to Creative Writing and Film & Television. I attended OCHSA for its first six years in the Santa Ana location as a Musical Theater major. I got to see a lot of changes and growth happen in my 6 years there. I'm not really sure how to review it except to say that it changed my life in all good ways. It was an amazing and challenging environment to learn in. The school was small (1200 students then) and the conservatories were smaller, so students and their academic and arts faculty became like friends and sometimes almost like family. I can't give it five stars because there were so many kinks to work out in my time there (funding, class scheduling, how to utilize resources), but I can't give it less than four because that would be undermining all of the skills and self-awareness I gained there. The versatility of my education was the thing I valued most. Not only did I get to take classes in acting, singing, and dance, but I got to dabble in stage make-up, directing, opera, and television. Even though I am not pursuing any of these things as a career, I take the skills I learned with me through everything I do and I will continue to sing for as long as my voice works (which thanks to my training will hopefully be forever)! OCHSA gave me the chance to work with industry professionals (Susan Egan, Jodi Benson), learn among star peers (Vanessa Hudgens, Anneliese van der Pol, Drake Bell) and perform for the best (James L. Brooks, Jerry Herman). For that I can never repay it. Though I know it is always accepting donations...

My daughter attended OCHSA as a Commercial Dancer. She went on to be a dance major in college. Most important is the emphasis on academics at OCHSA. Look up the rankings in the OC Register and US News and World Report. It is an arts school so the students are creative and somewhat quirky but also diverse and very accepting of individuality. If you are not an artist, actor or dancer there is still a place for you, Consider the Production and Design Conservatory is a great place to learn about lighting, set building, running the sound board, etc. Check out all 11 conservatories. The campus feels safe and the students well monitored. All in all a great decision for our family to be at OCHSA.

This school is an amazing place! I don't say that lightly either. My son attends the Music & Theater conservatory at OCSA and upon a grueling audition process was accepted. He commutes over 3 hours a day just to attend this school, and is loving every minute of it. He has had amazing opportunities (on the 8th day of school he was auditioning and now working with the Musical director for Walt Disney Co. in a play) and the teachers of core subjects have been wonderful and inspiring! He finds this a place of creative acceptance and is thriving in every way possible. Thank you OCSA for having such an amazing program! I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort (and it's A LOT)!

I'm surprised that this school still hasnt recieved any reviews other than my own. Please, anyone that goes here and has a yelp account, write a review. Or if you don't have a yelp account, MAKE ONE!

Whether you live far away from Santa ana or close by OCHSA is truly a special place for talented kids to finish their high school education. They start at 7th grade through 12th grade. My first daughter started in Integrated Arts then changed over to Piano Conservatory in 8th grade. They offer so many different conservatories, if you're not a singer, dancer that's ok! Some people are worried about the education not being a focus but that's not the case. Dr. Opacic has always focused on the education part making sure OCHSA ranked high and it's very challenging. I'm now sending my second child to this wonderful arts school and am excited about the platform this Performing arts high school has given my first daughter. A wonderful platform that probably wouldn't have been reached at a regular school. If you have talented children and want the best education and arts program available and live in Southern California...OCHSA is the school you should be sending your child to. http://www.ocsarts.net check it out! Go see some performances. Auditions are currently happening and it's not too late to sign up your child for the 2010/2011 school year!

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