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The Second World War (WWII) - Causes And Effects Essay

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World War II: Causes, and Affects
In the history of the world there are many occurrences that have changed life and the world, as we know it. The history of conflicts in the world is just as long as the histories of man have bee recorded. From the beginning the human species survived off of conflict (between various predators and the environment) and has been nourished by the fruits of war since before the rise of the Roman Empire. World conquest has been the goal of many great generals and a great many Kings. Through the years there were many conflicts that were thought to be the worst that ever was and the worst that would ever be (World War I in particular). World war two is said to be the war to end all wars, because of the leaders,…show more content…

These enforced changes began to cause a flow of resentment and hatred in the German people who felt they were getting the shaft. The major powers in Europe (Britain, France and the US) decided the treaties for all of the other countries in similar ways. The various empires, and larger countries began to break up, or were to put it more affectivity shattered by the treaties. Many new countries were recognized and Poland was reformed from the land taken from Russia, Germany, and Austria (Johnson 24). Needless to say the different countries that were broken up were not all happy with the way things had turned out.

In the post World War I world the democracy that was fought so valiantly for failed in some countries. These countries were soon became dictatorships. A dictatorship is a nationalistic, militaristic, totalitarian government. In Italy Fascism promised to meet the needs of the many and through ministering the wants of the people without falling prey to the ever-present evil of communism (Encarta 98). The other claim of fascism was that it would be more efficient in meeting the people’s needs than democracy. Benito Mussolini who then became the dictator of Italy ran the fascist party and the country when the Fascist party took over the government.
Meanwhile in Germany a similar occurrence was taking place. Adolph Hitler the son of a customs official in Austria was causing a similar movement. He and his

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WWII Essay Political economic and social reasons all played a part in setting the stage for WW II. The influences in the political and economic areas had a more overwhelming role but social factors also played a part. The Treaty of Versailles shaped the political climate that created the conditions for WWII by holding Germany completely responsible for WW I. Inflation brought the frustration of all Germans to the point where war felt like the solution. The social climate changed and this was due largely to the rise of nationalism and in particular, Fascism. The events and aftermath of World War I created the political, social, and economic conditions that led to World War II. The events following World War I created many problems within European countries that ultimately led to World War II. The biggest problem was in politics. Especially with the Treaty of Versailles, the unfair accord between Germany and the Allies, this was the cause of most of the problems. The treaty says that Germany and her Allies are fully at fault for the war and must pay compensation to the Allied countries. (Doc #1). This completely ruined the German government. The people disliked the government, and no one felt they could really trust it anymore, because they sold the people out with the Treaty of Versailles. This was not only the major wrong done to the German people the treaty also surrendered the Rhineland, taboo in Germany a country which shed so much blood preventing the allies from overrunning their borders during the war. This made the German people furious with the government. In addition weak political will to stop Germany, for instance in Czechoslovakia the Allies allowed Hitler to march his troops into Czechoslovakia and take over part of it. An agreement reached at Munich in 1938 between the major powers in Europe called for Czechoslovakia to withdraw from the provinces of Bohemia and Morovia populated mainly by Sudeten Germans. This agreement would be observed by an international commission and have the right to in certain cases have the right to

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