Doping In Sports Persuasive Essay

The world around us is becoming more and more challenging with each passing day and there is need for enhanced level of performance to be displayed in each and every field of life. Similarly in the case of competitive sports, players have become more concerned about their performances and this often prompts them to adopt unethical ways such as doping. So what exactly is doping and how does it affect the idea of ethical sports scenario.

Doping basically refers to the usage of banned drugs which are primarily used by sports persons for the purpose of enhancing their athletic performance. It is usually taken illegally and without being mentioned in any records by competitors of various different sports events. Doping is, in fact, a very common term which is widely used in all the organizations which regulate and maintain the legal functioning of the sporting competitions. The fact that the usage of these drugs enhances an individual’s performance is what makes it an unethical approach to sports events and is considered to be a big taboo by all the international organizations which promote as well as support sports of all kinds and categories.

The origin of doping

Doping has been a part of the sports world even since the term “sports” came into existence and there have been instances in the past when these performance- enhancing drugs were widely used in chariot races. Today, the use of these drugs by sports persons is very common in sports such as cycling as well as baseball where there is an immense amount of power and stamina to be required for winning the competitions.

However, there has been commendable measures being taken by the sports organizations for curbing the usage of drugs by players from all across the globe and the difference can be seen in the fact that there are players who have understood the issue at their personal levels and hence boycotted the act of doping altogether.

The authorities and sports organizations have been taking all necessary measures for making sure that the use of drugs is restricted in the world of sports.

Why exactly is doping unethical?

Doping is considered to be an unethical practice on part of the players and participants of sports events because it not only provides them with immense stamina for a short duration of time which is unfair to the honest players; rather it also brings along with it several critical health risks. Doping is largely seen as an act which violates the equality of opportunities for athletes. Drug- free sports is also a great way of motivating players about the true spirit of sportsmanship and it also keeps the public interested in the game since it is being played fair.

The act of doping is considered to be against the spirit of sports and is a violation of trust and sincerity towards sports. It is similar to cheating on a test and in all ways, it is unfair to other players who are part of the sport.


LEGALIZING DRUGS IN SPORTS 2 Desired Response: As a result of this speech, the audience will support the use of steroids and PED’s in sports. Introduction Imagine yourself competing for a very prestigious job. You’ve worked so hard to get there, and you feel like you have a good chance, and then don’t get the job. How would you feel? Furthermore, how would you feel if you found out the person who did get the job only got it because they bribed the employer? This is similar to the doping problem in sports. Steroids and PED’s have become a huge problem in the last decade as superstars such as Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds have been found to be cheating on their way to tearing apart the competition. I still remember how personally disappointed I was when I found out Bonds had cheated to break home run records. It isn’t only a problem in baseball though. Football players such as Shawne Merriman, cyclists such as Lance Armstrong, and track athletes like Marion Jones have all been found guilty of using banned substances to assist their performance. So what do we do about this problem? In this speech, I’m going to tell you why doping is a problem, what the best solution is, and why this is the best solution. (Transition: First let’s take a look at why doping has become such a big problem in sports.) Body I. Steroids and PED’s have become a problem in many different sports. A. Baseball has seen many different cases of problems. 1. Roger Clemens, a standout pitcher for years in the MLB, shamed baseball with his steroid use. a. He lied during a congressional testimony about using steroids and human growth hormone (HGH). b. Lester Munson of ESPN writes in an April article that both sides are working even harder in the second trial Clemens is facing for perjury, showing that his problem is ongoing and is still hurting baseball’s reputation. 2. Barry Bonds might be the most well-known athlete to face the steroid issue.

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